Invest in CMC

Invest in CMC

Invest in CMC

Invest in CMC

We are at a critical inflection point in our world, our nation, higher education, and the trajectory of CMC. The College’s strength derives from staying true to our founding mission; anticipating the external conditions, future trends, and structural challenges facing our community; and remaining disciplined and resolved in our strategic response.

For 75 years, Claremont McKenna College has held a unique place in academia, distinguished by our commitment to prepare students for thoughtful and productive lives and responsible leadership in business, government, and the professions.

Today’s global challenges call on the full power of our liberal arts minds to contribute responsive, responsible, effective solutions and to prepare thoughtful and resilient leaders to meet unpredictable and unprecedented change. Now more than ever, we draw on the core values and singular strengths that distinguish CMC.

The resources and financial strength provided by so many philanthropists and investors over the College’s first 75 years have created an unparalleled ability to weather the storms of the present moment. As a community, we are proud of our previous accomplishments, but we know that our work is not complete. The Campaign for CMC: Responsible Leadership will ensure that the College continues to deliver on its mission and provide a relevant and transformative experience to all students.

On the cusp of our 75th anniversary, we embark on a historic campaign that will provide for a bright future rooted in the best aspects of our past, producing future leaders whose performance and pragmatism are authentically CMC.

Derived from the CMC Strategy, which critically evaluated the College’s future, the Campaign will focus on three core pillars:
Honor Our Leadership Mission

by endowing our distinctive model for undergraduate education. We will reinforce our applied approach to the liberal arts and deepen and broaden our intellectual rigor through support of faculty recruitment and retention, the development of powerful curricula, and multidisciplinary education through co‐teaching across differences in both perspective and expertise. We will strengthen our institutes, expand support for faculty‐student research, and allocate greater resources to develop advanced literary and quantitative capabilities. The value that we place on diversity derives directly from our mission; we must instill a respect for differences that will prepare our students to lead in increasingly diverse and globally oriented social, political, and economic environments by building on signature programs: the Athenaeum, the CARE Center, and the Open Academy.

Prepare Future Leaders Through Integrated Sciences

by raising the critical technical and scientific fluency of all students and ensuring their ability to lead within a modern economy. We will invest in a new integrated sciences program, buoyed by interdisciplinary connections with the humanities and social sciences and steeped in computational approaches. We will house the program in an iconic new facility that will allow us to fully realize the campus master plan, connecting the North Mall, providing a “front door” to the campus, and facilitating collaboration, and create adaptable spaces for student‐centric and hands‐on learning.

Expand Transformative Student Opportunities

by recruiting the top emerging scholar-leaders on the basis of each student’s individual merit and potential to benefit from and contribute to our mission, regardless of financial need; removing financial barriers (beyond the cost of attendance) from the full CMC experience; and supporting the Soll Center for Student Opportunity in continuing to ensure all CMC students have every opportunity to thrive and succeed in their professional endeavors.


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It would be our honor to work with you on a plan to make your own impactful investment in the future of CMC and our students. Please complete the form below, and a CMC philanthropic advisor will be in touch with you to schedule a conversation. Thank you in advance for your support of the College and our students.